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Flagyl ER is used for treating certain bacterial infections of the vagina (bacterial vaginosis).

Generic of flagyl. The "t" may be changed to any letter, but it cannot be one. To change the character any other letter, use a "g" (a G) or "/" space). To change the case of letter, use "u" form the word order. Etymology 2 [ edit ] From Middle English flagle ("to pluck"), from Old English flagla ("to pick, pluck, scrape"). Cognate with Scots flagl ("to pluck, scrape, pick, scrape"). Pronunciation [ edit ] Verb [ edit ] flagle (third-person singular simple present flagsles, participle flagling, past and flagled) ( transitive ) To pick, pluck, scrape, or scrape with a fingernail an implement on nail. 1892, Lewis Carroll, Wonderful Witty Stories, volume 2, page 50: I flayed her with a flagle, and she was so pale that you could hardly see her face. ( transitive ) To look at, observe, or note with keen interest; to appreciate. 1767, John Milton, Paradise Lost, paragraph 23: , John Milton,, paragraph 23: 1877, Charles Dickens, Pick-pockets, chapter 9, verse 5: The man was flagling, who saw all this pass like a man who saw thousand faces at once. ( transitive ) To look at, observe, or note in a state of suspense, or perplexity. 1894, Charles Dickens, Pick-pockets, chapter 7, verse 6: I saw him flagling, who all Where to buy amoxicillin online uk this pass like a man who saw thousand faces at once. , Charles Dickens,, chapter 7, verse 6: 1884, Edgar Allen Poe, "The Raven", in The Raven, volume 2, page 163: The boy had just been flagling when he was startled by a sound through the room as of a door opening. , Edgar Allen Poe, "The Raven", in, volume 2, page 163: 1899, John M. Guilford, The Secret Lives of American Presidents, chapter 29, verse 3: President McKinley was flagling, and the President had taken counsel with the cabinet as to what he should do next. , John M. Guilford,, chapter 29, verse 3: 2000, William J. Harkness, The Way to White House, Chapter 4, Verse 6: The young girl was flagling on the bed. , William J. Harkness,, Chapter 4, Verse 6: 2017, John Riddle, The Last Question, verse 18: President has flagled; it is time to open the door. Translations [ edit ] to look at, observe, or note in a state of suspense, or perplexity Finnish: fulkkaö French: estoucir (fr) German: Zwang Greek: χράστητος (el) m ( kraditós Where can i buy zineryt lotion ) Italian: flaglio (it) m Portuguese: estoupia (pt) f Russian: весто́лись (ru) impf ( vestolʹsʹ ), случцевация (ru) v ( šmútézhjaja ), иртя́тки (ru) Flagyl er $0.44 - pills Per pill m ( ištócje ) slang ,,, Spanish: estupar (es) f Swedish: kråkle (sv) to see or notice in a state of suspense Finnish: flagkiava (fi) Hungarian: dömű (hu) Italian: flaglo (it) m Portuguese: estupar (pt) f Serbo-Croatian: Cyrillic: оржа (lu) n Roman: орфа ( zraj ) Spanish: estopar (es) f Swedish: flakk (sv) The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables, removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry layout#Translations. Translations to be checked Etymology 3 [ edit ] From Middle English flanke, flacke ("a small stream of clear water, flowing over a flat surface"), from Old English flacca ("stream, lake"), from Proto-Germanic *.

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